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    About Nailpolis

    Nailpolis is an online museum of nail art and community dedicated to all things nails.

    The name "Nailpolis" is a combination of three words:

    nail polish

    varnish applied to the fingernails or toenails to colour them or make them shiny


    a state or society especially when characterized by a sense of community.


    the capital or chief city of a country or region.

  • Nailpolis Features

    Asides from a clear interface and clean design, Nailpolis provides several features to help you easily showcase, describe, and categorize your nail art to a larger audience. Nailpolis is currently in beta, meaning there is a lot of flexibility to add features commonly requested by Nailpolis members.

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      Showcase Your Work

      Showcase your nail art on Nailpolis. Nailpolis provides a simple interface to describe your nail art, categorize by ocassion, theme, style, and the nail polish used.

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      Your Artist Gallery

      After uploading your nail art, you'll have your very own artist gallery on Nailpolis. This makes it easier and faster for others to discover your work.

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      Nail Polish Database

      Browse our database of over 5000 nail polishes. Coming soon: Filter by brands, colors, textures, and finishes. Find dupes and similar nail polish colors.

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      Nail Art Contests

      Participate in our nail art contests hosted by reputable nail artists. You'll be judged on a variety of criterias, giving you an opportunity to win great prizes.

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      Nail Polish Swatches

      Post and find swatches of your favorite nail polish. Nailpolis is not just a museum of nail art, but a community for all things nails.

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      Mystery Feature

      We have many cool surprises coming up soon!

  • The Nailpolis Community

    Nailpolis beta launched in January 2014. Since then, the community has been growing rapidly. Nailpolis is home to thousands of nail art and nail polish enthuasiasts just like you.

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