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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Rainbow Stained Glass Nails Tutorial by @alpsnailart

Rainbow Nails by Alpsnailart for Day 9 of 31DC2014.

I did a Stained glass nails in rainbow colors for 2 Challanges.

1- 31DC2014 day 9 theme of Rainbow nails.

2. Stnchallenges - Nail art using 2 techniques. (FB group)

Can you guess which 2 techniques I have used here?

Please read my blog post to find out if you guessed it right:

rainbow stained glass
Xs dsc 8745 Alpsnailart Lol...Yes Dess...I like to play with ideas like you ;)
Xs 22479 269819569848 5152071 n Dess_sure No, I could not figure out what you used for the black lines, so curiousity got the better of me. I have always wanted to try sugar mani, but i have always seen it in lines going across the nail, never like your idea.
Xs dsc 8745 Alpsnailart Could you guess it looking at pic, before reading post? Waiting to see ur nail art ;)
Xs 22479 269819569848 5152071 n Dess_sure I read the post. I also have this one down on my to-try list. Sugar-spun technique.