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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Water Melon Nail art by alpsnailart

Water melon Nailart by @alpsnailart .
Please visit to find out how the water melon nailart and the 3D cocktail drink glass were created.

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Xs dsc 8745 Alpsnailart Thank U Dess...I know... so many times we think on same lines ;) would love to try things with u
Xs 22479 269819569848 5152071 n Dess_sure These are super! and strangely, we may be sisters. i had a similar idea for the glass. hahahaha. we need to team up and do something!!
Xs dsc 8745 Alpsnailart Thank U Vidula and Kasey..
Xs 034 Kasey Campa How clever!
Xs dscn3027 Vidula Kulkarni amazing! <3