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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Purple Magic

Purple is known to symbolize magic and mystery - among other things. It is also the colour of the robes that Wizards wear to identify themselves to other Wizards when in the Muggle community (Harry Potter nerd up in here).

Anyway, I felt like channeling some magic and mystery with this mani. This purple ombré gradient with gold sequin detailing represents the magic, mystery, and spiritual fulfilment that I hope to experience and discover as I embark on a life-changing adventure in just a few days!

White undies to make the purples pop, then, using a makeup sponge, I layered the three shades of purple and black and rolled on to each nail (Two coats each). Topped these bad boys with a fresh bottle of Sêche Vite - this mani is sure to travel well on my road trip!

black magic gradient sequin ombre purple