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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Froggy Mom

In my family, we represent each member with a color or an animal (and sometimes both).
My mom is green, and she's a frog. Frogs are one of her favorite animals, and you don't have to know my mom for long to figure that out. (She even has a frog tattoo. ;))
My mom is also a superhero. She's fierce and strong, and loving and funny, and she accomplishes things that just amaze me. Our family is suffering a lot of hardship right now, but she's still smiling and making the most of each day. She and my dad are both in treatment for different illnesses, completing their treatments in different cities, and travelling a lot, so they're tired and sometimes in a lot of pain. From their attitudes, you'd never guess! I'd love to have half the strength my mother has.

My mommy knows I love her, and I love her more every day. <3

mother's day frog flowers
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