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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

2018 #45

Index & pinky with smooshy print in nudes, brown & red with gold leaf placed sporadically. Thumb & ring with sparkle green + holo topper for base, middle with holo light brown for base & reverse stamped poppies in holo red on top. Water based topcoat for smooshy nails before topcoat to complete.

Nail Polish/ Products
Color Club 1127 “Once Upon a Time”, 1169 “Who Gives a Buck”, 1188 “Plan to Travel”, 1200 “Love 'Em & Leave 'Em” & LS68 “Thorny Disposition”
Beyond the Nail “Fallen Leaves”, “Pixie” & “Rudolph”
China Glaze 551/70563 “Fairy Dust”
Maniology BM-S174
Suncoat “Clear Base/ Top Coat”

November 2018

maniology veterans day rememberance day remember flakes gold gold leaf smooshy tye dye marble