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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

As Time Goes By

Thumb & pinky with purple base, shimmer nude sparkle leaf stamp design & rhinestone near cuticles. Pointer & ring with shimmer nude base & reverse leaf stamp design with rhinestone near cuticles. Middle nail with purple base & reverse stamp design of an hourglass & roses. All plates are from the Bundle Monster - Mystic Woods collection. Look inspired by my 1 year anniversary of Instagram which was the beginning of uploading my nail art to social media platforms. Thank you for all your love.

Nail Polish/ Products
Ruby Wing RW191013 “Zen Garden”
Finger Paints 806347 “My Best Self-Portrait”
Bundle Monster plate BM-S171, BM-S175, BM-S177 & rhinestones

June 2017

nail art shimmer sparkle rhinestone reverse stamping stamp bundle monster leaf garden hourglass