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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.


All made with acrylic paints. Living in the tropics has granted me the opportunity to indulge in frozen treats and to be greedy anytime i want. The popsicles were inspired by @narmai, who has a tutorial for them on her blog. The chocolate was made with a sprinkling of micro-beads under brown nail polish. I stuck flat toothpicks for the sticks.

mani manicure designs ice cream yummy dessert food nails treats nail art
Xs picsart 12 28 12.40.51 Milly Palma beyond talented.
Xs me dec 2013 Karolyn WOW, just WOW! Your creations just blow me away! I'll have to go check out Narmai's version, but I am certain you did it justice! <3