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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Unreciprocated Love

This art showcases a bear couple. One is happily in love, while the other is worn out, tired, has lost his mind, is unraveling at the seams and his little heart is breaking. I hope they sort it out before the poor guy totally falls apart. Hehehe.

1. I applied a thick layer of brown polish on a zip-lock bag and left it to dry.
2. I drew an outline of the bear, just a basic circle, and 2 ears.
3. I peeled the polish from the plastic bag, then cut out the shape.
4. I applied grey flocking powder, with a lighter/darker shade around the snout area.
5. A rhinestone for the nose. Hexagon glitters pressed deeply into the powder for eyes.
6. Half-moon studs for the mouth.
7. Cotton and sewing thread too.

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