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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Watermelon Nails

The difficulty level for these watermelon nails was super easy. All you need is a striper brush and dotting tools. I used the striper brush for the lines on the watermelons, they are supposed to be wavy and uneven so you can’t get it wrong. I used the dotting tool for the seeds by making two dots, a big one and a smaller one underneath and then connecting them. You don’t even have to worry about painting the tip on even because you can go over it with a light green line using your striper brush. If you have any difficulty, just keep practicing, you’ll get it!

fruit watermelon
Xs 2015 07 25 16.14.30 Katie thank you :D
Xs img 20131218 232056 Zeynep Celikel looks so yummy! love this.