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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Heroic fantasy

I did this nail art for the first week of the challenge "Crumpets Nail Tarts : 40 Great Nail Art Ideas". The theme was hobbies so I chose reading.

You can check out the great work of the other ladies on our Pinterest board :

dragon reading heroic fantasy fantasy book
Xs imag1442 Cecilia Brown No problem, I could understand you perfectly! By the way, I went on ahead and got the plates I wanted from the set! They should be here by the beginning of next month! As far as the books, I wish I owned them, but unfortunately they were owned by an ex :P It's been so long since I read them, I kind of want to get my hands on them and reread them!
Xs avatarfofo Kahaliah You have eagle eyes !! It's a very nice plate, I also have few others from this set and they work really nicely. Yes, I read it, it's one of my favorite saga actually, I am glad you know it too, you must have great taste ! ;) Thank you for your comments (and sorry for my English, I'm French)
Xs imag1442 Cecilia Brown Oh snap! You have the Harry Potter stamping plate!
Xs imag1442 Cecilia Brown Good Book! You ever read Polgara the Soceress?