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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Carnations For Mum

Every Mother's Day, it's a tradition that my Church would gift each Mothers with Carnation Flower to celebrate. I remember asking my Mum, "Why Carnations?" to which she answered that she wasn't sure either. But we both agreed that we loved the scent and that the flower is indeed lovely.

Growing up, it was clear that we are so much alike. So this coming Mother's Day, I want to celebrate some of the little things we shared in common. We both love mango, coffee and dark chocolates. There are... of course, a lot more that we shared, but these are just the few elements that stood out the most. To finish the look, I've added a monogram, 'M' to represent Mother(s).

Here's to all 'Like Mother, Like Daughter' relationships around the world! :)
Happy Mother's Day! ♥

mother's day carnations