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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Corset backs

I based the nails in 2 coats of the pink. I placed a stripe of tape up the center and painted black over the entire nail. I pulled off the tape on each nail as I finished each with the black. Once I had all the nails done I topped them all with Out the door fast dry top coat. Once dry I used a sharpie marker to make the "strings" which I just did by making X's over the pink and at the base of the nail I made one straight line. I then used acrylic craft paint in white and a small dotting tool to make a dot where the eyelet would be for the laces. Top it all with Out the door or your favorite top coat. I prefer a fast dry top coat when there are more that 4 layers of polish because it's nice and thin. Most high gloss top coats are very thick and you can get lifting after just a few days.