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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Domestic violence awareness IG collaboration

I was invited to join an awesome group of nail artists in a collaboration to raise awareness about domestic violence. I assumed that I was invited because my daughter Beth was murdered by her husband in 2012 but come to find out I was invited because they liked my work! It was extremely touching to be asked either way and I never turn down an opportunity to remember and talk about my beautiful daughter.
I printed her photos in several sizes until I got the perfect size. You can print them on address label stickers with the color and contrast turned up. Or you can do what I did. Print it on thin printing paper and let dry. Use spray paint to coat the back of the paper LIGHTLY 2 or 3 times. This is so that once the paper gets wet with clear polish it won't go translucent. Once the back dries use a coat or 2 of matte clear on the face of the paper applied in just a mist each coat. This darkens the color and seals the ink to prevent bleeding when you top coat.
I paint the nail I'm going to apply a printed image on. Trim the image to size and cutting away any white edges. Use a sharpie marker on the edges to hide any white paper. Apply one more coat of the colored polish and press the decal into the polish while wet. Once dry you can use polish to coat the edges to make the colors blend better or hide any imperfections.
Top with a good thick top coat like Seche Vite.
I made the domestic violence awareness ribbon that says Love shouldn't hurt. I also printed out Beth's photo, it's one she took and that we had etched on her headstone.

domestic violence photos holographic