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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.


hand painted spring flowers
Xs image Massiel Pena Congratulations🌷
Xs photogrid 1389215799848 Magaly Congratulations! :)
Xs bp l006 ribbon 1 Ewlyn Congrats :) Love the pink flowers and the birdie.
Xs tresnje Nail_it_hot Congratulations!
Xs foto Sabine Congratulations! It looks beautiful :)
Xs pico 1397826473166 Sarah Bellwood Well done, your mani is fantastic, love how much detail you put in. Your very talented 💖
Xs image mynailnart Thank you ALL so very much ❤️❤️ it means the world to me
Xs turtles Kyleigh 'Handmade By Kyleigh' well done! these are fantastic :D
Default avatar xs LavishlyFetch thks is amazing
Xs f Mila Damn girl, you're a true artist! Congratulations!
Xs dp JingTing Jaslynn woaah so detailed! you deserve it, congrats ! :D
Xs 2b0966aeb09e11e3a04612bf62c5e3db 8 Nora (naq57) congratulations on winning the spring contest, these are gorgeous! well deserved!