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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Free-hand Mermaid

While I've developed an allergy to polish removers, I refuse to give up. I have had to adapt to doing my nails far less frequently though, which means I need to pick colours and styles that I'll be happy with for a week at a time.

I wanted something bright, and blue goes with most of my day-to-day clothes. I also wanted to do something that really felt like nail art.

To paint this, I did one layer of Essie "In The Cabana" and let it dry. Then I sponged on small dabs of the other polishes, with the exception of the Dance Legend one. I was aiming for a mottled, oceanic feel.

Once dry, I hand-painted scales on with Dance Legend "Android". The colour was in the same sort of palate as the others but, being holographic, I knew it would stand out and offer a flash of the mermaid vibe I was going for.

Seche Vite over the top finished off the look.

sponging blue mermaid free-hand scales brush sponge
Xs imag1442 Cecilia Brown I recently came across a base coat that is peelable which may help. I also saw that some people use a glue method to remove polish. Not sure if you are interested in any of these methods, but I figured it couldn't help. Here's a review of an OP brand base