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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Rose Cameo

Inspired by this hand lotion by Jeanne en Provence. It's really good btw. The cameo is a sticker that I got from a shop in my city. I also used a new top coat from Seventeen Cosmetics, it's got this gel look to it and it dries super fast, it's amazing!
The sticker has a transparent background, what I did was paint an oval-looking shape on top of those silver stripes, and it looked so ridiculous that I wasn't patient enough to let it dry properly and now the sticker kinda "pulls" around the edges, but that's fine lol
I was also gonna stamp a rose on each nail with the tip color (yep, it stamps!!), in fact I originally planned to do silver stripes on every nail but I tried it out on paper first and although it stamps great on top of the pink, it hardly shows on top of the silver so I just gave up on that but it did give me a whole different idea >:)

cameo stripes french tips silver vintage
Xs img 1335 Rox Thank you!
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