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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Marble nail art

A colorful marble look perfect for spring time.
1) Apply your favourite base coat.
2) Paint your thumb, pointer and pinkie nails fuchsia, middle and ring finger nails white.
3) Apply a coat of fast drying top coat on your white nails to protect the polish from the tape.
4) Cover a third of your nails with a piece of scotch tape.
5) Grab a stamper and put on it some drops of different colors: orange, green, fuchsia, yellow.
6) Gently tap che stamper on your central nails to create the marble effect.
7) Before the polish has a chance to dry, remove the scotch tape.
8) Cover the separation line with a piece of black holo striping tape.
9) Apply a coat of iridescent flakies polish on the cental nails.
10) Finish it all off with a top coat.

IG: @nailsbyroy

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