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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Watermelon Nail Art

A funny nail art perfect for summer!
1) Apply your favourite base coat.
2) Apply one or two coats of white nail polish on ring and middle finger, one or two coats of green on the others.
3) Let the polish dry completely.
4) Grab a make-up sponge and paint on the gradient using white and red polishes.
5) Sponge the gradient onto the two white nails.
6) Let it dry and apply a fast drying top coat.
7) Once the top coat is dry, paint a green line on the top of the nails using a french manicure guide.
8) Add some black drops for the seeds.
9) Finish it all off with a top coat.

IG: @nailsbyroy

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