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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

The Mortal Instruments

I finally finished reading City of Heavenly Fire - the last book in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare - last week and I must say it's pretty bittersweet to be done one of my favourite series'. Thank goodness Clare is going to be writing two more series' in the same shadowhunters AU! As tribute to the series and my finishing it I did this design inspired by some of the runes mentioned in the novels - clairvoyant sight, iratze (healing), angelic power, fearless, and mourning.

the mortal instruments tmi shadowhunters runes city of bones matte
Xs edit12 Becca (nyanails) @9Sh4DeSOfBl4ckBooD Haha, yeah, I'm excited for the new books too! ^^
Xs 1324765475958 9Sh4DeSOfBl4ckBooD btw, so excited to read the new books :D <3 Casandra rocks!
Xs 1324765475958 9Sh4DeSOfBl4ckBooD no way.............can we be frineds? you made nails for my favourite things......and in such an awesome way.........oh just marry me! XD
Xs edit12 Becca (nyanails) @Luzazul Thank you! ^^
Xs sam 4701 Luzazul LOVE IT¡¡