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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Colorful Buffed Vampire

Hello Everyone! So recently, I did bestie twin nails with @ohdreenails! This manicure was inspired by @maram_nailed_it.

>>STEPS<< So what I did was to dot a black dot using my largest dotting tool at the side of my nails and started drawing the petals using a detail brush and black polish from the dots. About 6-7 petals per flower will do. It may turn out too messy if you draw more than that (this is my humble opinion though)! Then, fill in each petal with a different colour. I have chosen a range of colours beforehand. Bright colours are highly recommended since the base is light. Lastly, touch up the outlines of the petals with black polish. Wait for your design to dry and then top them up with your favourite topcoat! :D
Check out this page for a picture on our bestie twin nails! :)

Happy Sunday Folks! Enjoy your day <3
9th March 2014

flowers floral petals colors colorful opi rainbow myvampireisbuff pobbynails