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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Crystal Tips - Nvr Enuff Polish

Lastly, I have "Opal" from @nvrenuffpolish's new Minerals Rock! collection. "Opal" is a glitter topper composed of multicolored flakies in various sizes. Shown here is two thin coats over the white for a real opal look, and one thin coat over the black to really show off how gorgeous and iridescent it is. This one of those polishes you just have to see in person because it is stunning! 😍 To show this baby off I did crystal tips inspired by @sparrownails. For the crystals I used other polishes from this collection: "Iolite" topped with "Opal," "Lapis Lazuli," "Dioptase," and "Star Garnet." 🌈 Love this collection! This polish is available for purchase in @nvrenuffpolish's shop.

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