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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Nail Decoration Sample Wheel 1

So I'm doing my nail tech certification course and we FINALLY started doing nail decoration!

As homework we had to paint an entire wheel of these nails with different nail polish colors and do a different decoration on each nail. So I decided it was a good opportunity to try new manicures I wanted to do for a while...

Colored numbers are there to indicate level of difficulty. I'm planning to keep it so prospective clients can have a good reference of what I can do, the time each manicure would take, the price I would charge, etc. I would appreciate input / criticism in that sense. I really need to get a good feel of what is and what isn't marketable. I am also planning to do a lot of nail stamping but right now I can't because my supplies by based SO bought me for my birthday (thank you, love you <3) have not yet arrived.

Green = easy. Things I will be able to do on the fly in a short amount of time.

Yellow = medium. They're not hard but they take a longer time or I will need to use references most of the time

Orange = medium hard or hard. The style itself is not hard, but I picked a rather difficult lineart border pattern on purpose. Unless I do virtually the same pattern again and again, I will need reference images for these ones.

Red = hard, very hard. They take time, patience, skill, and are impossible to do without reference images. Depending on the difficulty they might take several hours even, like my skull manicures or my album cover manicures. I'm probably going to do things like these only for maybe one nail per hand. Most clients aren't going to sit there for hours while I work for something that isn't permanent. For example, for a cat manicure (catticure??) I would do one cat-close up like that and the rest would be paw prints, balls of yarn and little silhouettes.

also, many thanks to Kristin (Lacquerstyle) for her flowers tutorial (inspiration for #12) and to Robin Moses for her no water marble tutorials!

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