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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

First thing's first, I'm not Christian at all nor do I believe in Hell. However, the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins has always fascinated me along with their corresponding Crown Prince of Hell. So I wanted to do a series of nail art based on the Seven Deadly Sins. In the third installment, I've done Pride. I also pulled inspiration from Stephen Webster's Seven Deadly Sins jewelry pieces for the accent.

So, week 14's theme is French manicures. I hate French manicures, as I've mentioned before in my previous arts. But I thought it'd be perfect for Pride since it's a classic look. I did the tips in glitter for flash factor, and that makes it classy yet flashy just like a peacock. Purple is also the colour for Pride. I wish the purple glitter in the black line outlining the French tip showed up better but oh well. The accent design is done in acrylic paint.

purple french manicure glitter pride seven deadly sins free hand hand painted