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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath

First thing's first, I'm not Christian at all nor do I believe in Hell. However, the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins has always fascinated me along with their corresponding Crown Prince of Hell. So I wanted to do a series of nail art based on the Seven Deadly Sins. In the fourth installment, I've done Wrath. I also pulled inspiration from Stephen Webster's Seven Deadly Sins jewelry pieces for the accent.

I was super angry because my left thumb nail broke and forced me to take off my Virgo manicure earlier than what I wanted to do. So I channeled that into doing Wrath. Wrath's colour is, obviously, red. I had to change the accent a bit because I lacked the space for the hand holding the hilt of the dagger. This is done with dry brushing, "scumbling" (basically dry brushing but when you do it over something with texture, the polish catches on the raised parts and I had texture since I napped before my polish was fully dry and there were fabric creases everywhere. >_>) and the use of black acrylic paint to grunge it up. I'm pretty damn happy with how this turned out. This is easily my favourite one. I love how Rich in Ruby has that glow from within type quality to the polish. The accent design is done in acrylic paint.

dry brushing free hand hand painted acrylic paint seven deadly sins wrath