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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

The Zodiacs: Sagittarius

I've done my submission for the next challenge early. Week 17 of the 52 Week Challenge is pink and/or purple, so I went with purple. And since I went with purple, it was a good opportunity to do Sagittarius. The colour palette is, as far as I could tell, all shades of purple. More water marble decals were done and I think they're much nicer than my previous attempt on Cancer. It took some experimentation, but I got the hang of it. However, the outside rings of polish I had to take off were very thin and just...kinda fell off? The pieces got EVERYWHERE and clung to EVERYTHING. X_x The constellation was a headache and I was worried it wouldn't actually fit on my nail. Doesn't look quite like my practice drawing of it in my sketchbook, but I had way more room there. The sign and the constellation are done in acrylic paint. I dedicate this one to my friend Hillary. :)

astrology sagittarius zodiac glitter purple marble water marble free hand hand painted acrylic paint