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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Galaxy Nails

So, this was my first attempt at painting on wax paper and transferring the design I make onto my nails. I started with a base coat of black. After it dried I dropped a dot of Wicked, Black Heat and Purple Potion then used a toothpick to swirl them together. Before they dried I liberally dropped some Saved By the Blue and Grey's Anatomy and swirled it into the already swirled polish. I let it dry for a long time, then droped dots of Glow in the Dark , made a star on the thumbs with the white nail art pen and then made little white star dots. After the white dried I dotted the neon purple over some of the dots so they'd pop better and let it all dry.
It took a long time to dry, and though part of it is because of the liberal amounts of polish that the base was made of, but when I tired to take up the polish when it was dry, it stuck a bit to the wax paper, so I wouldn't suggest using wax. I've since done other designs on parchment paper and that was much easier to pull off. Also, the glow in the dark didn't dry as quickly as the others. Anyway, I still loved how these turned out, even though part of them got a little smeared. It all ended up working for a galaxy look. I wish I'd gotten a shot of these after charging the Glow in the Dark, it looked really nice at night.

galaxy space stars glow in the dark glow