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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Star Wars: Left Hand Menace

Started with a base of white for each, painted a red Rebel Symbol on my thumb with a red Hot Designs pen and Red Carpet. R2D2's head with Celeb City, and blue black and red Hot Designs pen for details, with a dab of Red Carpet to bring out the red details. C3P0 I did two coats of Sulfur Blaze, Better After Dark for creases, two dollops of You Had Me At Yellow for glowing eyes, and finished off with black Hot Designs pen for the mouth and pupils. Amidala started with a crescent of Sulfur Blaze, red and black Hot Designs pen for respective accents and Better After Dark for the eyes and eyebrows. Finally the green glowing lightsaber blade was made using the black, white, and green Hot Designs pen.

c3p0 star wars r2d2 rebel padme amidala queen amidala green lightsaber rebel alliance
Xs imag1442 Cecilia Brown Thank you Kahaliah! ^^ I loved this one too :)
Xs avatarfofo Kahaliah Yeah R2D2 !! I love this mani even better than the other one.