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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Lady Speed Stick inspired half-moon gradient skittle

Inspired by a new Lady Speed Stick product packaging, this skittle mani features gradient half-moons, swarovski crystals, holo stripes, and beautiful rich cremes! Check out more and read about the new Nutra-Skin deodorant on the blog:

half moon gems crystals swarovski bling gradient pink purple holo skittle
Xs dsc 0731logo simplynailogical Aw thanks Michelle!! The biggest inspiration is other talented nail art ladies like yourself! My favourite pasttime besides painting my own nails is surfing through others' nail art ideas, like a kid in a candy store except I want to try that instead of I want to eat that :D
Xs img 0776 Michelle You find inspiration from the greatest places! So creative.