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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Neon chevron scaled gradient skittle

I couldn't decide which neon shades to choose so I chose them all! I used chevron nail vinyls, a good quick dry top coat and some painter's tape to create this scaled gradient look. Check out a 15sec video tutorial on the blog:

gradient scaled gradient chevron neon skittle rainbow
Default avatar xs shimmering_unicorn it doesn't say quick dry taco, this is obviously a historic page in the simply nailogical ages
Xs 034 Kasey Campa *would be
Xs 034 Kasey Campa And it would scaled so it gradiated twice!
Xs dsc 0731logo simplynailogical Haha thanks Kasey! If I had a crown it would be gradient gold to silver lollll
Xs 034 Kasey Campa Ahhh! This is amazing! You are the queen of these gradients!