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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Reciprocal blue to white gradient... with some sugar on top!

A reciprocal gradient using striping tape and a make-up sponge! Love blues and whites, and I just couldn't help myself from throwing some Ozotic blue sugar on top :)

See more on the blog:

ozotic glitter shimmer reciprocal gradient gradient ombre blue white striping tape stripes
Xs dsc 0731logo simplynailogical I hope you ordered more than a few rolls of striping tape, because you will wonder how you lived without it! :) It's the best thing ever!! Have fun!
Xs aj joshua tree copy Alayna Josz oooh i just looked it up on pinterest. it's a neat template for nail art. i particularly like it with sparkly polishes and i like it when it's oriented horizontally... my striping tape is in the mail ;) ive been using cut up scotch tape all these years!
Xs dsc 0731logo simplynailogical Thanks Alayna! I did not invent the reciprocal gradient, My Simple Little Pleasures did! There are so many nail artists out there who have taken the idea and changed it or made it their own though! Your turn!
Xs aj joshua tree copy Alayna Josz did you coin the name reciprocal gradient? it's so clever! must be tempting to stop at any time because the design looks cool throughout the process. it reminds me of the vertical posts of a fence. lattice is for x's i wonder what the vertical posts are called?