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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

D20 Babes: Shriela

This time we have Shriela's nail art from d20babes. She is a wood elf druid played by the super sweet @nhitendo . Shriela is a druid of the moon path, so while I know it's not literal, I wanted to do a night scape done in purples mostly. The camera makes it look more blue than it is. Then I did the tiger for her favourite beast transformation. I had to reference a tutorial for the tiger since it wasn't going well. Lol that tutorial was by @dreamymm . I was also inspired by @starrynail for the painting style of this art. The entire thing save for the base and glitter top coat is acrylic paint. If you want to see the ladies in action, check them out on Mondays at 7pm PST at Twitch.TV/d20babe

hand painted tiger