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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

D20 Babes: Van Tyler

Part 2 of 4 for the D20 Babes nail art! This is for the tiefling bard Van Tyler played by the lovely @hello_dudettes! It gave me some trouble initially, since I tried to paint her horns with music behind them. The horns didn't work. Thankfully, the other defining characteristic of tieflings is their tails. Van also has sticky fingers when if comes to gold and other shinies, so I included some gold mylar flakes and lots of glitter. The dark purple base is for her hair. The tail is done in acrylic paint and I used nail glue to adhere the mylar. If you want to watch the ladies play, check them out at twitch.TV/d20babe at 7pm PST.

handpainted nerdy glitter nerdy glitter mylar