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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Yandere Simulator

A game that isn't even finished yet has won my heart for how twisted and messed up it is. That game is Yandere Simulator, the story of a school girl destroying the love life of a guy she's obsessed with so she can have him. She eliminates her rivals by ANY means necessary. The game has an anime art style, which I used for the scared eye. It's also my first time painting letters on my nails. I got a bit cross-eyed. There is a shimmery red gradient on the black that shows up better in real life. I also chose the glitter for how Yandere-chan presents herself as an innocent girl but has insanity underneath. Also the word yandere is a term that means love sick, and the term sick meaning insanity. I actually sent this to Yanderedev himself and he emailed me back saying he'd never seen fanart done on nails before, and that it was a nice surprise to see. He also said it cheered him up and he thanked me for my, and I quote, "unique artwork". 😊 So, it has to be said... YANDEREDEV SENPAI NOTICED ME! The eye, blood and letters are acrylic paint.

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