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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Dry/drag marble tutorial

Dry/drag marble tutorial.

• 3-5 polishes (I'm using Jamaican colours for the sake of this mani. But bright colours are good-red, blue, green, etc) & a base colour (again I'm using black today but white is normally best bet.)
• a toothpick, pin or orange/cuticle stick
• top coat -up to you if you use a b/c

STEP.1: Apply your base colour -2x coats
STEP.2: Once your base colour is fully dry you're ready to start 'blobbing' on your colours. I use a dotting tool w. my polish on a paint palette..but you can always [carefully] paint straight from the bottle.
NB- it's important to do one nail at a time & try moving quickly through this process.
STEP.3 & 4: Add each colour one by one; fitting each around your last 'blob.' I usually go from the corner of the nail, outwards; diagonally, but you could also go from the side of your nail & across.
STEP.5: With your pointed tool [of choice] make a wavy diagonal line across your colour blobs.
It's important to be steady but quick.
STEP.6: Repeat last step on each side *see pic* & again until you have 5 wavy lines up & across the nail.
STEP.7: Once you've done every nail then you can add your top coat. You'll need to be quick & light handed to avoid streaking or pulling. Preferably using the 3 stroke method of applying polish.
Let it dry & your ready to go.

You can use all sorts of colour combinations w. dry marbling &/or use different combos on each nail. eg. alternate the direction of wavy lines.

tutorial pictorial how to dry marble drag marble marble tie dye simple nail art