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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Wrapped Up Glitter Placement

Edition 2
Now here are my jazzed up present nails! Also these are my first glitter placement nails!🙉 they were really fun actually!! The glitter is from @bornprettystore ! They were really easy to work with actually! I always had it in my mind that placing each glitter would be very difficult but these were great to work with! Also a good tip for placing glitter put dots on first!😃 This color is great it looks different with other colors, which makes it more universal! Here it has a gold feel, but by its self it looks green! So fun!
If you are looking for some fun glitters below are the details for this one and a 10% off promo code!

@bornprettystorenailart , you can find this item on and this particular Items number is #4770 10% off code ERSQ10

So what do you all think? Also jut so you all know I have a few more new items from the Born Pretty Store that I will be reviewing for you all with in the next few weeks! So very excited about this!!

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