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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Bon Temps Rousses

2-3 coats of Jior Couture's Bon Temps Rousses with topcoat.
Accent nail shows a free hand ginger vampire using acrylic paint and Bon Temps Rousses for her hair.

true blood true blood nails vampire nails ginger redhead free hand jior couture bon temps rousses halloween halloween nails
Xs veer make up Margriet Sijperda Thank you so much! Did you happen to read (in my interview here on nailpolis) that I have you as artist that I look up to! Your designs are so out of the box...I LOVE IT.
Xs 22479 269819569848 5152071 n Dess_sure Your work is so sweet! <3 I have to share.
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