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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Harry Potter House Claws

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan; JK Rowling created a truly magical world for us to get lost in, and that's exactly what I did with this mani. I freehanded the entire thing on both my left and right hands, which meant corrections, but it helped me get lost in the details, something I LOVE doing. This mani looks simple as I look at it now.....Base and stripes...But really, there was a LOT more detail that went into these claws than I expected.

I painted about 3 coats to get those strong colours to pop. Pacific Blue gave me some grief, (C'mon, Ravenclaw), and took the most coats, thus longest to dry, to get that vibrant blue. Ultimately, both Color Club's made striping easy; I did a base for each stripe before topping with sparkles. My Hufflepuff pinky claws were a breeze (ya don't say!) because applying Sally's Mellow Yellow is seriously like a DREAM come true (that consistency. Ugh! Obsessed with the Xtreme Wear line!!) and glittery Goldeneye signature lightening bolt scar to seal the deal.

Mischief Managed! :)

yellow blue green red ravenclaw slytherin hufflepuff gryffindor nails glitter