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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

2015 Bare Nail Art Designs

Here are some of my bare nail art designs I did in July & August 2015 while healing my nails from doing at home acrylic sets that I did for 6 months (wanted to try it and looking back so glad I stopped doing the damage I was causing). These are easy and quick to do so they are great to do anytime :)

#1 Dotticure with 2 types of blue and a green. Thumb and middle with pyramid. Pointer, ring and pinky with vertical line

#2 Zig zags made from painting tape with maroon base color and dark orange sponged on. Then used pinking shears to cut stripes and add to nail. This I saw from cutepolish. Once on nails added dark orange dots.

#3 Random white dots on nails with strawberry clay fino at top.

#4 Middle nail with bow out of dots with sparkle in center. Rest of nails with single black dot.

#5 Dotticure with pink, orange and green at end of nails. Ring accent with hand painted ice cream design.

#6 Sponged design with orange, brown and gold sparkle. Middle nail with beige matte sparkle at top.

clay fino nail art dotticure dotting tool pyramid zig zag strawberry bow ice cream sponge