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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

2018 #12

Thumb (light blue & turquoise), middle (light yellow & light orange) & pinky (peach & coral) with crème base with flakies with stamping image of flowers around nail with rhinestones near cuticles. Index (light pink) & ring (lilac) with reverse stamping designs of tulips & daffodils. Middle nail with reverse stamp design of a bunny added to complete.

Nail Polish/ Products
Beyond the Nail “Jagged Phoenix Talons”, “Glossy Griffin Fur”, “Sparkling Mermaid Scales” & “Spring Purple Crème”
NCLA NCLA211TJ “Taurus”
Models Own NP132 “Tropical Sun”
Wet ‘n’ Wild 405 “Sunny Side Up”
Lottie LL075 “Oh Boy!”
Bundle Monster BM-XL215 by de_briz

March 2018

nail art easter holiday flakies pastel creme stamp stamping reverse stamping flowers