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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

2019 #11

Thumb, middle & pinky with dry marble pattern using blues, purples, nude & gold with added stamped woman face in dark blue on middle. Rhinestones added near cuticles. Index & ring with shimmer purple base with 2 types of flakes for base. Reverse stamped images of mystical jars for each nail. Matte topcoat to complete.

Nail Polish/ Products
Beyond the Nail “Angel”
Essence Dark Romance 01 “Dark Night Starlight”
Finger Paints 806347 “My Best Self-Portrait”
Forever 21 Love & Beauty “Lilac”
Girly Bits Cosmetics “Mon Chou Chou”
Kleancolor 8 “Silver”
Models Own NP093 “Baby Blues” & NP164 “Mermaid Tears”
Ruby Kisses HDP20 “Mediterranean Nightsky”
Ruby Wing RW191051 “Doux”
Wet n Wild 443D “Bijou Blue”
Maniology BM-XL409
Beauty BigBang J2443-4A Flakes

March 2019

reverse stamping stamping stamp shimmer flakes jar dreams holographic holo eyes