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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

2019 #26

Thumb with pink holo base & ring with red holo base, both with double stamped butterfly design. Middle with silver holo with pink shimmer with stamped butterfly silhouette. Pinky with dark grey holo base with stamped gradient fan print from pink to red. Index with ½ red holo base with double stamped butterfly design & other ½ with dark grey holo base with stamped gradient fan print. All nails with rhinestone designs added to complete.

Nail Polish/ Products
Color Club 998 “Miss Bliss” & (1096) 7710SK “What's Your Sign?”
Girly Bits Cosmetics “Fairies Wear Boots”
NCLA NCLA071 “Mile High Glam”
Powder Perfect “Horus”
Ruby Kisses HDP76 “Bubble Gum” & HDP35 “Poison Apple”
Maniology BM-S171 & BM-S406
Cici&Sisi Butterflies CF17008

July 2019

print fan pattern silver grey pink red cici&sisi maniology double stamp