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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

2019 #30

Thumb, middle & ring with shimmer base, hand painted cheetah spots in crème & sparkle colors with gold stud near cuticles. Index with smooshy base using shimmer dark blue, purple & gold, randomly placed gold flake & gold studs near cuticles. Pinky with jelly sparkle gold & purple, sparkle turquoise topper & jewel/ stud design to complete.

Nail Polish/ Products
Beyond the Nail “Royal York”
Blush Lacquers “Lady of the Mask”
China Glaze 1398/82604 “Home Sweet House Music”
Emily de Molly “I Forbid It!”
Forever21 “Turquoise Sparkle”
Girly Bits Cosmetics “Showgirl Plucker”
Lottie London LL075 “Oh Boy!”
Models Own SG029 “Purple Orchid”
Ruby Kisses HDP21 “She a Goldigger”
Ruby Wing RW191105 “Dark Wash”
Zoya ZP684 “Kerry”

July 2019

shine smooshy animal print wild gold leaf gold sparkle jewels jewel stud