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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

208 #32

Thumb, middle & pinky with holo turquoise for base. Index & ring with holo purple for base. All nails then double stamped: once in white, then in neon colors with palms, palm trees, hibiscus flowers, surfers & sayings randomly. Topcoat to complete.

Nail Polish/ Products
Girly Bits Cosmetics “Slay, Ghoul, Slay”
Beyond the Nail “Beyond the Teal”
NCLA NCLA113 “Endless Summer” & NCLA209TJ “Pisces”
Ruby Wing RW191035 Peony” & RW191122 “It's a Good Vibe”
Color Club AFN01 “Get Your Lem-On”
Bundle Monster BM-S405 & BM-S409

August 2018

bundle monster hawaiian hawaii aloha palms palm trees palm hibiscus surfing surf