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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Have you ever felt your Cosmo?

Saint Seiya is a mainstream anime series I love since the first italian release, in 1990. It's the story of a treason, a sacrifice and a fight for Athena, goddes of peace and justice -sic!! - (I must say out loud that the creator was just blessed having the core idea...). The movies will be on movie theaters tomorrow, but it has been released last July, 21 in Japan and East Asia. I must confess I'm a little bit worried about this movie's story, because the Sanctuary arc, the first chapter, has been rearranged in many ways (a male character is now a lady...), and because the translaters decided to use the italian names (they 'translate' character's names in early '90's, to make them more dishy and much more mythology referred).
Anyway, I think I'll see this movie. I saw Captain Harlock last January and it was gorgeous (even the story was a little bit meh). Cross fingers for me, ok?
I have some time to kill and for each of my nails I made a galaxy for the five main characters (I willingly ignored Saori); and because I've used a gazillion of products, let's this post started!

saint seiya galaxy movie anime