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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Vertical Rainbows

I started off with a base of Milani Spotlight White. After that completely dried, I took a damp makeup wedge sponge and applied 2 vertical lines of Dusty Lavendar and Ocean Breeze, making sure they overlapped a bit so the colors blended to create a seamless gradient. Taking the sponge and making a up and down dabbing motion, I applied the polish over my finger while moving left to right a bit so that the colors blended together well. Repeat this step until you get the color payoff desired, this may take a few applications. Whatever color is on the right of the previous nail, that's what you want to start off with next so it looks like a rainbow and is matching up with the previous nail. Repeat with the rest of the nails and top coat!! You could even add a glitter top coat if you wanted as well!!!

gradient rainbow nail art barielle summer pretty