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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Dominique Francon

"When you see a man casting pearls without getting even a pork chop in return--it is not against the swine that you feel indignation. It is against the man who valued his pearls so little that he was willing to fling them into the muck and let them become the occasion for a whole concert of grunting." – Dominique Francon, The Fountainhead

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Xs 034 Kasey Campa Sad but true. It makes me excited to find others who do! :)
Xs img 0776 Michelle I love that book! So rare to find someone who appreciates her too.
Xs 034 Kasey Campa You have such beautiful nails! And the Fountainhead is my favorite book. <3
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