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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Electric Shock

This whole summer has been abnormally cool and it's almost constantly been threatening to rain. I've finally decided to embrace this weather and turn it into a nail design!

nature electricity lightning gradient rain
Xs 1324765475958 9Sh4DeSOfBl4ckBooD na na na na na na na e-e-electric shock nanananannananana~ <3
Xs aj joshua tree copy Alayna Josz excellent thanks Becca B :)
Xs edit12 Becca (nyanails) Thank you! I used a brush for the lightning and a sponge for the grey/light behind the lightning (:
Xs aj joshua tree copy Alayna Josz awesome lightning nails! i've been wanting to try this since i saw it paired with a unicorn charm - it just seemed kinda cool ahha :-) did you just use a brush?