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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

The night of desires

This nail art is dedicated to the night of San Lorenzo, a special night in which people with upturned noses try to see falling stars to express wishes. In the scene there is a couple of lovers on the top of the hill under a starry sky made with a gradient of colors from navy blue to silver that enhances the brightness of the entire nail art, helped by the top coat with glitter scattered here and there in the sky to represent the most distant stars. At the center of the nail art there is the moon represented between the two nails of the middle finger and ring one to join as well as the dreams and wishes expressed by the sweet couple. The scene is completed with the nearest stars colored with Debby ColorPlay Disco 04 polish that glows in the dark.

night gradient ombrè degradè stars glow dark moon blue glitter