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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.


So, I started with Pink Lady for my base, then on my thumb I used the Cici&Sisi 30 stamping plate and stamped the smaller doughnut once and the larger doughnut twice from the buffet at the top with Easy Going, adding Better After Dark to the rubber stamp with a dotting tool before stamping it on my nail, then adding dots of all the neon colors for sprinkles. The Egg (Not pictured very well, sorry) I used the Black and Yellow in the Cici&Sisi 29 stamping plate then added French White Tip with a dotting tool before stamping my nail. Afterwards I accented the yolk with Sulfur Blaze. The mouth I used black for the outline added a little more for the top of the mouth, Ruby for the lips, and Easy going for the teeth I left the tongue alone so that the base of the nail would be the color. The crescent roll started out with the Brown for outline and Yellow dotted in between the lines, but it ended up being too light of an outline so I double stamped it with Black for good measure. Likewise with the coffee and coffee cup, they both started out with Brown for outline and I dotted in Easy Going for the rest of the cup but later added a Black double stamp to the coffee lettering to make it pop more. Finally I used Black for the breakfast lettering, then double stamped it with Sulfur Blaze.

breakfast donut doughnuts coffee eggs yummy pink